We have environments prepared for the education of children between 6 and 12 years old. All this with officially certified and titled guides and adequate materials that provide the child with the necessary opportunities for their development through personal experiences, self-education and social and emotional development. In a Montessori environment children build themselves.

They will have at their fingertips an alphabet for life.

We consider the individualized educational and emotional attention of the child to be important and therefore we offer very low ratios that guarantee this purpose.

Our prepared environments take care of physical and psychological aspects and give priority to the child promoting in a safe way his independence, autonomy and self-discipline, and the interaction with the world developing positive social and emotional skills.


  • Diaphanous rooms that allow freedom of movement.
  • Lots of natural light.
  • Clean.
  • Rooms integrated with the exterior.
  • Cozy.
  • Simple decoration that invites concentration.
  • Tidy space.
  • Everything at the height of the child.
  • Society in the classroom.
  • Spaces for individual work and also for the group.



  • Quiet and silent
  • We use slippers to make ourselves at home.
  • The child's rest is respected because with observation one also learns.
  • Clear rules that facilitate coexistence.
  • The great rule: RESPECT.
  • The child does not do what he wants and he wants what he does.
  • Use of positive communication.
  • Order and routines that guarantee security.



Elementary is a carefully prepared environment for children from 6 to 12 years old to respond to their curiosity. It is a stage in which they want to know the reason for everything and they will discover it themselves through the big Montessori lessons, research and individual presentations through the Montessori material of this stage.

The big lessons arouse interest in research on different topics and make it clear to the children that all the areas they study are interconnected and connected to each and every one of them.

Democratic classroom management, active participation in all day-to-day activities, a reduced ratio, and respectful accompaniment at individual rhythms, emotions and interests make this a fantastic place to learn in which children also feel at home.   Among the areas the child will study are: cosmic education, mathematics, language, history, geography, zoology, botany, physics, chemistry and biology.


Nature classroom

Children will find an outdoor space in which to understand and participate in all of nature's processes. We have a nature workshop with a varied program. The children sow seeds, watch them grow, take care of them and water them, collect them, learn to discard them, reuse them, make greenhouses, explore and observe atmospheric changes, among others.

 The child becomes aware that he is one more in the world, in the universe and that he has to take care of everything that surrounds us. It is Cosmic and holistic education as a quality in Montessori education.





Children's home

The child from 3 to 6 years old will be in an Environment designed for him/her full of stimulating materials that will guide him/her in his/her learning, satisfying his/her curiosity, endowing him/her with procedural skills, self-esteem and security. Living in a lively and enriching environment, without prizes or punishments, respecting your rhythms and interests. That's Montessori magic! The Prepared Environment will allow you to be faithful to your personality and be happy, reaching the ability to learn to learn and self-discipline.

This is the fundamental principle that aspires to education based on the legacy of Maria Montessori: to serve as an aid to life. Practical life, language, mathematics, geography, history, motor skills, art, music, sensory, free play, nature, yoga, English language immersion, ecological snack, natural classroom, etc.