Children's home

The child from 3 to 6 years old will be in an Environment designed for him/her full of stimulating materials that will guide him/her in his/her learning, satisfying his/her curiosity, endowing him/her with procedural skills, self-esteem and security. Living in a lively and enriching environment, without prizes or punishments, respecting your rhythms and interests. That's Montessori magic! The Prepared Environment will allow you to be faithful to your personality and be happy, reaching the ability to learn to learn and self-discipline.

This is the fundamental principle that aspires to education based on the legacy of Maria Montessori: to serve as an aid to life. Practical life, language, mathematics, geography, history, motor skills, art, music, sensory, free play, nature, yoga, English language immersion, ecological snack, natural classroom, etc.