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The adult is not the central axis, but a link between the child and the environment for the child's development. The guide should almost act as a cupid between the environment and the child, it should awaken the child's interest in what surrounds him/her, and what surrounds him/her should be adjusted to the developmental needs and interests of the child. The Guide must know the child's development in depth and in all its areas, the Montessori materials in depth (objectives, presentation, etc.) and the Montessori pedagogy and Method.

The Environments have certified and qualified guides in the Montessori methodology and with official educational qualifications giving guarantees of know-how.

Conchi L.

Conchi L.

 I began to work in the field of special education as an Early Care Technician with TGD children. I could see the importance of making learning accessible in a different way. Learning had to be manipulative, procedural and above all exciting for all children.

After graduating in Pedagogy and working for years in permanent teacher training (trying all the team to change the educational processes and improve them) I needed to be with the children in situ and returned to the classroom. I was looking for educational innovation, I reviewed publications on neuroeducation, different ways of teaching in other countries and other "alternative" pedagogy to the traditional one and I reread María Montessori.

As a mother I understood the real need for educational change because I couldn't find a school that would completely adjust to what I wanted for my son. I decided to continue my education in order to be able to offer him a space according to what I thought he needed. I was certified as a Montessori Guide and graduated as a Higher Technician in Infant Education.

After being able to apply the Montessori philosophy in different educational spaces, I was invited to be part of this project created with so much love that I could not refuse and that can now enjoy, among many children, my second daughter. Today I am very happy to see every morning the smiles of the children as they learn for themselves.

Mercedes R.

Mercedes R.

I have a degree in Law and I am in charge of the direction, management and administration of this centre. Most of my professional career has been dedicated to the management of educational projects.

In 2014 I decided to give a personal and spiritual change to my life and I left for a while to live in the United States where, through a friend who is a Montessori guide, I came into contact with some schools that taught this method. I was so fascinated by this teaching methodology that, since then, all my steps have been looking for harmony between my vocation and my profession. On my return to Spain, I decided to go deeper into this philosophy of life and and I trained as a Montessori Guide Children's home.

I started this project as a volunteer and I fell so in love with him that I decided to stay! It fascinates me to be able to see and feel every day how children, through working with different materials, enjoy, learn and grow, developing a healthy and free personality. I am happy to be part of this precious project that pursues the integral development and self-education of the child in the prepared environment, guiding them towards independence and self-confidence.


 LourdesMy career as a Montessori guide began long before I could even predict it.

I studied Tourism Diploma, I specialized in protocol and events organization, I worked in the tourism sector and then I returned to the University this time to fulfill my desire to be a teacher, doing the Primary Education Degree.

It was there, in the university, where my dream was blurred, I could not find happiness in what for me was so desired because I observed that the education that was forming me as a teacher did not offer me the necessary tools to be the type of educator that I wanted to be.

Looking for alternatives that could bring me closer to the figure of a teacher that would make me grow, I came across the Montessori methodology and as a piece of puzzle that fits perfectly, I began to dream again and I did the Montessori Guide training at the University of Barcelona for the 6-12 year stage (primary) that gave me the title of Master in this pedagogy and the Guide for the mentioned stage.

Thus, I found the philosophy of Montessori and after having worked in several schools with this pedagogy and with numerous children applying the teachings of Maria Montessori, I am still captivated by the idea of continuing to develop, now yes, as the guide that I always wanted to be in this wonderful project that I assume with great enthusiasm.

Growing up together with the children of the workshop will be a fantastic encounter in the way I decided to go as an educator, I'm sure that our steps will be full of immense happiness.


My name is Elizabeth, but since I was a child my family started calling me Lisi, so it has become a part of my personality, so feel free to call me Elizabeth or Lisi. I was born in New Jersey, USA, but grew up in Madrid since I was 5. In 2012, I moved back to the States with my husband to live in Austin, Texas. I worked in a great public school as a Spanish teacher and Language Program Coordinator for five years. During our time there, we had our two kids. In the Summer of 2017, we moved back to Spain. I have a bachelor's degree in Pedagogy and a master’s degree in Childhood and Education. I have traveled throughout many countries and collaborated as a volunteer in beautiful places like Guanajuato, in México, or in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea. I'm so happy to be with my family living now in Seville and having the opportunity to share part of my American culture with the children through songs, games, and stories. Currently, I collaborate with different educational projects and schools promoting the teaching of English as a second language in a respectful way, through movement, music, stories, games, and crafts.


My passion for the educational field started in high school, due to my philosophy and ethics teacher, who used to teach in a very practical and interactive way. I realised then, when I was 17, that I wanted to be a teacher.

I started my degree in Childhood education in 2010 and I decided to do part of my training as a Spanish teacher in “the Saharawi’s refugee camp” in the Sahara desert (Argelia). I had the time of my life there! There was no material but the desert sand and a few crayons, but through singing, dancing and creating games with our imagination, the children quickly started to learn Spanish.

When I finished my degree I started working as an au pair in Ireland. I fell in love with the country and the culture and I stayed there for 4 years. In Ireland I also had the opportunity to work as a room leader in a crèche and Montessori school, which was an amazing experience and with whom I am still in touch.  In 2018 I came back to Spain to work as an English teacher in a kindergarten and in the community college of Herencia. During my time in Spain I have continued to explore different ways of teaching which led me to write an English project for the European Union (Erasmus +) with another two Polish girls about emotions. This project was approved and took place in august 2019, in which I was a coordinator and a facilitator of 30 young adults from Romania, Poland, Croatia, Turkey and Spain. Another project which I wrote about theatre also got approved in 2019. 

EducoMontessori offered me the position of working in this school. I immediately fell in love with the project, which is growing little by little, and along with the guides and assistants who are true gems in the educational field I decided to stay in Spain to be a part of this exciting project and I look forward to being here for many years to come. This year I am pursuing my master’s degree in Montessori Pedagogy in childhood and primary school so I can further my own education in the field of teaching.


 I believe that the attention to childhood requires a prepared environment that responds to its development needs, where it can move freely and spread its wings. And at the same time, he needs an emotional accompaniment, through a gaze anchored in unconditional love (roots), with a deep respect for the internal processes of the human being. As Juan Ramón Jiménez suggests in a beautiful poetic image, it is necessary “that the wings take root and the roots fly”.

My current professional vision is the result of a long career, vital and formative career, through the different avant-garde pedagogical proposals and training in personal development, different formations such as Montessori Guide and training in deep childhood needs, among many others, that culminated in the discovery of Montessori pedagogy as a philosophy of life and an inexhaustible source of human and professional inspiration. Among my professional experience, I would highlight from the intervention with minors in social risk, to exercising as an educator in different free and active schools on the one hand, and Montessori schools on the other, exercising at different educational levels. In these years of profession, I have been able to share a classroom for one year with an AMI guide with more than 10 years of experience in Montessori schools around the world, from which I was able to learn a lot. I am currently Montessori AMI Children's House Guide, pedagogue, special education teacher and child educator, dedicated to the discovery and care of the deep needs of childhood.

During the summer of 2019 I approached the EducoMontessori International School project and in it I found my place of personal and professional development, as of September 2019.