My passion for the educational field started in high school, due to my philosophy and ethics teacher, who used to teach in a very practical and interactive way. I realised then, when I was 17, that I wanted to be a teacher.

I started my degree in Childhood education in 2010 and I decided to do part of my training as a Spanish teacher in “the Saharawi’s refugee camp” in the Sahara desert (Argelia). I had the time of my life there! There was no material but the desert sand and a few crayons, but through singing, dancing and creating games with our imagination, the children quickly started to learn Spanish.

When I finished my degree I started working as an au pair in Ireland. I fell in love with the country and the culture and I stayed there for 4 years. In Ireland I also had the opportunity to work as a room leader in a crèche and Montessori school, which was an amazing experience and with whom I am still in touch.  In 2018 I came back to Spain to work as an English teacher in a kindergarten and in the community college of Herencia. During my time in Spain I have continued to explore different ways of teaching which led me to write an English project for the European Union (Erasmus +) with another two Polish girls about emotions. This project was approved and took place in august 2019, in which I was a coordinator and a facilitator of 30 young adults from Romania, Poland, Croatia, Turkey and Spain. Another project which I wrote about theatre also got approved in 2019. 

EducoMontessori offered me the position of working in this school. I immediately fell in love with the project, which is growing little by little, and along with the guides and assistants who are true gems in the educational field I decided to stay in Spain to be a part of this exciting project and I look forward to being here for many years to come. This year I am pursuing my master’s degree in Montessori Pedagogy in childhood and primary school so I can further my own education in the field of teaching.