LourdesMy career as a Montessori guide began long before I could even predict it.

I studied Tourism Diploma, I specialized in protocol and events organization, I worked in the tourism sector and then I returned to the University this time to fulfill my desire to be a teacher, doing the Primary Education Degree.

It was there, in the university, where my dream was blurred, I could not find happiness in what for me was so desired because I observed that the education that was forming me as a teacher did not offer me the necessary tools to be the type of educator that I wanted to be.

Looking for alternatives that could bring me closer to the figure of a teacher that would make me grow, I came across the Montessori methodology and as a piece of puzzle that fits perfectly, I began to dream again and I did the Montessori Guide training at the University of Barcelona for the 6-12 year stage (primary) that gave me the title of Master in this pedagogy and the Guide for the mentioned stage.

Thus, I found the philosophy of Montessori and after having worked in several schools with this pedagogy and with numerous children applying the teachings of Maria Montessori, I am still captivated by the idea of continuing to develop, now yes, as the guide that I always wanted to be in this wonderful project that I assume with great enthusiasm.

Growing up together with the children of the workshop will be a fantastic encounter in the way I decided to go as an educator, I'm sure that our steps will be full of immense happiness.