I believe that the attention to childhood requires a prepared environment that responds to its development needs, where it can move freely and spread its wings. And at the same time, he needs an emotional accompaniment, through a gaze anchored in unconditional love (roots), with a deep respect for the internal processes of the human being. As Juan Ramón Jiménez suggests in a beautiful poetic image, it is necessary “that the wings take root and the roots fly”.

My current professional vision is the result of a long career, vital and formative career, through the different avant-garde pedagogical proposals and training in personal development, different formations such as Montessori Guide and training in deep childhood needs, among many others, that culminated in the discovery of Montessori pedagogy as a philosophy of life and an inexhaustible source of human and professional inspiration. Among my professional experience, I would highlight from the intervention with minors in social risk, to exercising as an educator in different free and active schools on the one hand, and Montessori schools on the other, exercising at different educational levels. In these years of profession, I have been able to share a classroom for one year with an AMI guide with more than 10 years of experience in Montessori schools around the world, from which I was able to learn a lot. I am currently Montessori AMI Children's House Guide, pedagogue, special education teacher and child educator, dedicated to the discovery and care of the deep needs of childhood.

During the summer of 2019 I approached the EducoMontessori International School project and in it I found my place of personal and professional development, as of September 2019.